Rudder workshop and FLY-IN


Rudder Workshop 1/24 and 1/25

 Zenith Aircraft Company Rudder Workshop is returning to Florida in January 2020, hosted by Wheels and Wings in Edgewater, Florida.

Starting on Friday morning, January 24th, Zenith is bringing its famous hands-on kit aircraft building workshop to the Wheels and Wings hangar in sunny Florida!

The workshop is for the first-time airplane builder, and has become popular with sport aviation enthusiasts who are considering building their own aircraft and are unsure if they have the required skills, workspace and tools. During the workshop each participant builds and assembles their own Zenith aircraft rudder tail section from a standard kit in 1-2 days finishing on Saturday, January 25th. 

 We also will be giving demo flights  (weather permitting)

Prior registration is required for the hands-on rudder workshop, and participant must purchase the rudder starter kit. Details:  

Details about the Rudder workshop


During the educational workshop you can start building your own Zenith aircraft (the rudder tail section of either the ZODIAC, STOL CH 701, STOL CH 750, or CH 750 Cruzer), and learn about:

  • Reading and understanding blue-prints (plans & manuals)
    - yes, we use the metric system....
  • Principles of sheet-metal construction
  • The advantages of working with sheet-metal (vs. other materials)
  • Metal aircraft building and assembly techniques and tips
  • Measuring, drilling and riveting (assembling the Zenair kit)
  • Tools, workshop and skills required to build your all-metal aircraft
  • Hints and short-cuts in assembling a kit
  • Metal kit aircraft maintenance and corrosion protection
  • The advantages of building, owning and flying a Zenair aircraft
  • and much more...
  • Click here to view the ZODIAC CH 601 Rudder Assembly Manual (Online Version). 
  • Introductory videos: Blind riveting and deburring sheet metal

Come prepared to work and experience first-hand how you can build your own kit airplane! You don't need any experience, skills or tools to attend.  Zenith Aircraft workshop is structured as an informal “hands-on” workshop, to allow participants to gain introductory hands-on building experience using standard kit parts, drawings and manuals, and basic sheet-metal tools.

The workshop in Edgewater Florida makes an excellent getaway for you and your spouse: Spend a couple of days at Wheels and Wings and meet with fellow aviation enthusiasts - all while gaining valuable hands-on building skills. 

Demo flights in the CH750 STOL demonstrator aircraft can also be scheduled during the workshop.

Sample Workshop Schedule:

Day One (Friday) 

8:00 – 9:00 :   Registration / Sign-In. with Coffee and donuts.

9:00 -12:00                Brief Introduction and start of rudder kit assembly

12:00 (noon)  Lunch Break

13:00              Resume rudder kit assembly

16:30 – 17:00      Informal group question and answer session. 

18:00            Group dinner (optional, casual dress). 

During both days participants are able to go up for a demo flight in our CH750 STOL (weather permitting)

Day Two (Saturday)

8:00 - until completion of the rudder tail kit (usually by noon)

Coffee and donuts will be available in the morning.

11.30 - We are expecting first planes and visitors for the cookout and Fly-In.

FLY-IN and Lunch Cookout on Saturday 1/25

On Saturday morning we will finish up the last rudders and we will fire up the grill to prepare Hamburgers and Hot-dogs combined with fresh condiments and homemade treats.  While enjoying the food you can take a look in our hangar and check out the ongoing projects or walk along the flight line and chat with other Zenith Builders and Flyers about their experience.

We also will be giving demo flights  (weather permitting)