Two Week Wonder

Builder's Delight

The joy of building, pride of workmanship, the passion of flying, that is what building a kit can bring you.  Visit Zenith Aircraft to learn more about which kit is right for you!

Getting Started

Sometimes its hard to finish what's been started (space, time, confidence, other commitments) or have trouble finding where to start and need a hand.  We can help with pieces or the whole kit and caboodle.  

Soup to Nuts

So you have completed the airframe on your own.  Congrats!!  But now you want help installing the engine, instruments or other fine details?  We can we can be there for you too.  

The Devil is in the Details

Configuring the right panel can be an overwhelming task.  We offer all kinds of solutions, Garmin, Dynon, classic steam gauges or sole Ipad/Android panel. It is your choice and we are here to help! 

It's Like a First Kiss

Your plane, the one you built with your own two hands, is taxiing down the runway for the first time.  The sense of pride is unmatched when you take this momentous step.  We are there to help capture that moment for you.  


Two weeks?!?  Is it possible?  Yup!! 

 ... and many more questions answered!


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