Two Week Wonder FAQ

Q: What is the "Two Week Wonder" program about?

A: It is all about assisting you, the builder, with the assembly of your own two-seat Zenith kit aircraft in a two-week time frame. Our Specialists will make sure that you will succeed!  

Q: Really? In just 2 weeks, I can build my own 2-place all metal aircraft. How is this possible?

A: When you arrive at the Wheels and Wings shop, we will have an Advanced Quick Built 49% kit waiting   for you to finish - with assistance from our staff. Our technicians will train you and assist you so that you   will spend 100% of your time assembling the aircraft.


We believe that the average builder typically spends up to 70% of his/her time looking over the drawings,   manuals, finding the right tools, getting the right   parts, etc. With the Two Week Wonder, you will be   spending 100% of your time working on the aircraft because our great staff will make sure you only spend time assembling.

Q: Are there other companies offering such programs?

A: Yes, the most popular is Their program is also 2 weeks   but the aircraft is a 4 place. So if they can do it, we really can, with our easy to assemble kit!

Q: I live in the USA, so how do I get started?

A: Contact Herman Eshuis (386-690-4239) who will assist you with the definition of your unique   aircraft:  Engine, instruments, options, etc.  Based on your selections, you'll receive a customized quote  (which you will be able to fine-tune until the order is confirmed).

Q: OK. So, after I am satisfied with my quote?

A: You then complete the assembly contract with Wheels and Wings for the Two Week Wonder program and send the deposit.  Wheels and Wings will schedule your visit and will begin to prepare for your program: Get your Quick Built airframe, order the engine, the avionics, etc. 

Q: Got it. So after I have paid the deposit, when do I come and finish my aircraft?

A: It will take some time for Wheels and Wings to receive the kit from Zenith Aircraft, and a few weeks to assemble it to the quick built kit stage. So generally, once you have confirmed your order with your deposit, you can expect your "Two-Week-Wonder" program to start within 8-10 weeks. Scheduling of the programs, however, also depends on how many other builders like yourself are in line. So call us well in advance of your desired program dates to discuss the scheduling of your "Two-Week-Wonder"!

Q: So, the Zenith Aircraft kit is not 49% complete?

A: Correct. The FAA has evaluated the Zenith Aircraft kit and has concluded that it only represents 26.7% of the total aircraft.  You can see the FAA list online here.  So, Wheels and Wings takes the 26.7% kit to the 49% stage, to the level of our QBK. You will finish the remaining 51% at Wheels and Wings.

Q: Got it. So I finish the aircraft at Wheels and Wings' - Now what?

A: Yes, at the end of the two-week program, the aircraft will be ready for you to take home or to your local airport for final inspection by the FAA (DAR). Wheels and Wings is done with your project once the engine has been started, the avionics have been tested, and once you have completed the first detailed pre-flight inspection - and yes, you'll have a chance to taxi the aircraft before you leave us! You trailer the aircraft home or Wheels and Wings will arrange transportation. Once home, you will ideally have some space available at your local airport so that you can re-install the wings and tail sections - in preparation for your FAA representative and his final inspection of the project.

Filling the gas tanks for the first time. Getting ready for engine run-up and taxi. 

Q: What about the FAA, what do they need for the Certificate of Airworthiness?

A: Important question. There are some good web sites that explain the process in detail. Here is just one.

Q: Can Wheels and Wings  help with with the FAA forms?

A: For sure. It's often confusing for first timers, so we can give you samples to follow. Note that Wheels and Wings will also help you with the builder log that you will need to show your FAA representative, demonstrating that you in fact did assemble the aircraft. 

Q: I noticed that you are asking the same price ($109,900.00 USD) for the Experimental Light Sport CH750 Cruzer, STOL CH750 or Zenith 650. Whats up with that, since the standard kits are not all priced the same?

A: Yes, the "Two-Week-Wonder" program is the same price for all three models. The Cruzer kit from Zenith Aircraft is the most advanced and therefore the fastest for Wheels and Wings to assemble to the quick built stage. The STOL is not far behind with the 650 taking the longest. Since the 650 takes the longest to assemble but the airframe kit is less expensive, the total cost comes to the same as for the Cruzer. All three designs are very similar in design, use the same types of materials, same firewall forward, avionics, etc. Chris Heintz, designer of these aircraft did an excellent job designing these as similar two-seat sport-planes..

Q: What "Skills" do I need to successfully complete a "Two-Week-Wonder"?

A: Basic technical skills are an asset (know your common tools and how to use them), but more important will be your attitude. Be ready to work, ready to listen, to follow instruction and to see results!  For the program to be successful, we count on you being motivated and involved. A lot of preparation goes into the project even before the program begins (selecting engine, instruments, options, etc.), so also make sure to specify your choices in time for us to order and prepare everything.

Q: Will it really only take Two Weeks to complete my aircraft?

A: Yes, the standard program takes two week, and you will be able to taxi your aircraft by the end of the program! During those two weeks, we expect you to be present every day, and to actively participate in the assembly process, as instructed. If two weeks sounds too intense for you, we can customize and extend the program another week or two (call us to discuss your needs or concerns). As you might expect, preparations for the program begin many weeks in advance (see above), and you'll still need a bit of time after the program to transport, finish, register and insure the completed aircraft. After that, you're looking at years of flying fun and adventures!

Q: Where can I stay in the area?

A: There are many local motels and hotels. Local Motorhome "camping" is also available.

Q: This all sounds really amazing - I believe I can do this! I have picked my aircraft model and have selected my options, what do I do next?

A:  Call Herman Eshuis (386-690-4239) or send an e-mail; We will send you a quote and call you to discuss scheduling possibilities!

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